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Crowns & Bridges

At Eagle Family Dentistry, we strive to provide the most anxiety-free, comfortable dental experiences that we can, so there’s no need to feel nervous about receiving dental care. With modern dental technology and innovative sedation techniques, Dr. Saeed Meshksar can perform restorative crowns & bridges work procedures in a single office visit as well.

Broken, discolored or decayed teeth can seriously affect your self-esteem and overall health. If left untreated, these dental problems can escalate into problems such as nerve damage and tooth loss. Don’t worry though, at Eagle Family Dentistry, we provide several restorative dentistry options to restore your teeth.

What Is A Crown?

A crown – sometimes called a “cap” – is a tooth-like covering placed over a carefully prepared existing tooth. Used to strengthen, restore or improve the appearance of your natural tooth, a crown is placed on an individual tooth much like a thimble over your nger. Crowns serve many functions in addition to being used to strengthen a tooth to accommodate the attachment of a xed bridge.

Crowns & Bridges

What Is A Bridge?

A Bridge is a custom restoration anchored to neighboring teeth that replaces one or more missing teeth. When a lost tooth is replaced with bridge-work, the teeth on either side of the missing one must be prepared as crowns to serve as anchors to hold the replacement teeth in place.

Crowns & Bridges are most often made from superior materials such as semi-precious or precious metals, porcelain or a combination of metal fused to porcelain. Both appearance and function are considered when selecting the material most suitable for you.

Restores and maintains the natural bite

Prevents unnatural stress on the teeth

Keeps opposing teeth in their proper place

Prevents shifting and tilting adjacent teeth

Discourages further dental decay and gum disease

Enhances your smile, speech and chewing function


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