Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

Your appearance, ability to speak, eat and smile with confidence are the main reasons.  Replacing missing teeth improves speaking and eating, enhances your smile and, especially in the case of complete dentures, helps support your facial muscles, providing a more youthful appearance.


Once I Have My Dentures, Do I Ever Need To See My Dentist Again?

In the event you are missing all of your natural teeth, a complete removable denture is often the recommended way to replace them. When you have been fitted with a new denture, there is a period of adjustment when it is especially important to visit your Newmarket dentist, Dr. Saeed Meshksar, so that he may make minor modifications until your denture fits comfortably.

Full Dentures

It is also important to visit Eagle Family Dentistry periodically during the lifetime of your denture to ensure it continues to fit properly and adjustments are made as soon as they are needed. It is natural for the bone and tissue beneath the denture to change over time, so periodic adjustments will allow a continued good fit and protect the health of the underlying bone and tissue.  


How Do I Care For My Dentures?

Even though you no longer have natural teeth, you must still take good care of your mouth. Plaque will form on your denture and food can get trapped between the denture and your gum tissue. After each meal, remove your dentures and, using a soft toothbrush, brush your gums, your tongue, and all sides of the denture.


Ask us for more information at your next dental cleaning with Eagle Family Dentistry in Newmarket.

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